Cultural & Linguistic Competence

Indicator: Strategies for building a culturally and linguistically competent system are intentional and prioritized.

States or agencies undergo a self-assessment to identify barriers that limit access to information and dispute resolution services for individuals from diverse and underserved communities. A strategic plan is developed to address these barriers, set performance goals, and identify and engage stakeholders.

Examples: self-assessment tool, checklists, diversity training, materials review

Critical Questions for Consideration

  • How does leadership communicate and reinforce their interest in building a culturally and linguistically competent system?
  • What institutional barriers exist that may perpetuate systemic inequity and access to processes?
  • How will barriers to access be addressed?
  • How will stakeholders be engaged in the continuous improvement process?


  • CADRE’s Culturally Competent DR System Self-assessment Tool and Resources (Under Development)