Policies & Procedures

Indicator: Policies and procedures that align with federal and state regulations have been established for the administration of dispute resolution options.

Policies and operational procedures are clearly recorded and enacted. Content is consistent with relevant regulations and easy for implementers and users to understand. Policies and procedures are reviewed and improved as needed. Attention is given to ensure policies and procedures limit barriers to access, especially for individuals from underserved communities.
Examples: guidelines, checklists, letters, forms, correspondence, manuals

Critical Questions for Consideration

  • Are there written policies and procedures in place for each DR process?
  • Do the policies and procedures align with state and federal procedures?
  • Are the written policies and procedures clear, comprehensive, and communicated effectively?
  • Do the policies and procedures minimize barriers to accessing services?


Note: The following examples of policies/procedures have not been vetted by OSEP or CADRE for compliance with federal regulations.