About Us

CADRE, the National Center on Dispute Resolution in Special Education, supports State Education Agencies (SEAs), Lead Agencies (LAs), and federally funded Parent Centers in 1) building local level capacity to prevent and resolve disputes, and 2) developing more effective and equitable dispute resolution (DR) systems. Watch a short video about the Technical Assistance CADRE provides.

We believe:

  • Conflict is a natural part of any collaborative effort or ongoing relationship.
  • Effective resolution of conflicts at the lowest level appropriate can result in improved systems, relationships, and student outcomes.
  • A multifaceted, relationship-centric approach is necessary to systemically and individually prevent and resolve IDEA disputes.
  • Culturally and linguistically competent DR systems foster family engagement and improved access to and delivery of dispute resolution processes.
  • Capacity to prevent and resolve disputes at all levels is ever evolving & influenced by numerous factors.
  • Stakeholders are essential partners in developing DR capacity at all levels. Understanding their needs & context is critical to successful outcomes.

A wide array of technical assistance activities is provided to states on:

Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills, The Full Continuum of Dispute Resolution Options, Cultural and Linguistic Competency, System Improvement

CADRE’s Approach to Technical Assistance (TA)

CADRE’s Technical Assistance (TA) is designed to increase the nation’s capacity to prevent and resolve special education and early intervention disputes to improve outcomes for children and youth with disabilities.


Technical assistance is provided to a wide spectrum of stakeholders who access products and services through their own initiative.

  • Presentations & Workshops
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media
  • Robust Website
  • Free Publications
  • On-demand Rich Media
  • Online Learning Modules
  • Literature Database
  • DR Continuum Practices
  • Templates and Tools
  • Multi-language Resources


Technical assistance is delivered over a short duration to address a specific concern, or generally given to a targeted population. TA involves direct CADRE involvement, but only moderate time and resources are committed.

  • Community of Practice Listservs
  • Individualized Support
  • Facilitation of Stakeholder Meetings
  • National Symposia
  • State, Lead Agency, and Parent Center Learning Communities
  • Virtual Hearing Officer Conference
  • Targeted Webinars


Significant support and sustained individualized assistance are provided to address systemic concerns and specialized improvement efforts. TA involves formalized agreement of time and resources, with specified outcomes, accountability, and evaluation strategies.

  • Long-term Engagement and Ongoing Support
  • Intensive System Improvement Support