Standards & Professional Development

The performance of dispute resolution program personnel and practitioners is a critical driver of how a dispute resolution system functions. To ensure high quality and consistent services, attention is given to the qualifications and selection of personnel and practitioners, standards of practice (including cultural competency), and the training and support provided in alignment with those standards.

Qualifications & Selection

Requirements (e.g., relevant experience, education, and training) for dispute resolution program personnel and practitioners are defined and used during the recruiting and selection process.

Standards of Practice

There are clearly articulated expectations of practice for personnel and each type of practitioner.

Cultural Considerations

Dispute resolution program personnel and practitioners respect cultural and linguistic diversity and engage in ongoing training.

Supervision & Support

Leadership monitors adherence to standards of practice and provides ongoing support to personnel and practitioners to ensure practices align with expectations.

Training & Professional Development

Personnel and practitioners are provided initial training and continuing professional development opportunities in alignment with articulated standards of practice.

Capacitación y desarrollo profesional

Al personal y a los profesionales se les da capacitación inicial y oportunidades de desarrollo profesional continuo que están alineadas con los estándares expresados para la práctica.


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