Supervision & Support

Indicator: Leadership monitors adherence to standards of practice and provides ongoing support to personnel and practitioners to ensure practices align with expectations. 

Leadership reinforces standards of practice. Leadership reviews performance data and checks in with personnel and practitioners to identify strengths and areas for improvement, and provides regular feedback and support as needed.

Examples: modeling expectations, informal check-ins, performance appraisals, mentoring and coaching

Critical Questions for Consideration

  • What data is currently used to evaluate staff and practitioners? How does this data inform trainings and support?
  • What mechanisms are used to provide feedback and support (e.g., informal check-ins following an activity such as a mediation or stakeholder meeting, annual performance evaluations, ongoing performance appraisals, trainings)?
  • What procedures and practices are in place to ensure any contractual entities, charged with managing a dispute resolution process, are providing quality feedback and support to practitioners?